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FAQ´s Trade & Investment

1.- How can I obtain a list of exporting companies in Honduras?

You can obtain a list of Honduran exporting company names and their contact information by clicking www.hondurasinfo.hn/de2006es.asp and accessing the Directory of Exporters of the Honduran Foundation for Investment and Export Development (FIDE). The Directory of Exporters is in PDF format.

2.- How can I obtain a directory of customs brokers in Honduras?

The customs brokers association in Honduras is the Federación Nacional de Agentes Aduaneros de Honduras (FENADUANAH). To access their listing, please click here:

The Honduran Foundation for Investment and Export Development (FIDE) also publishes a listing of customs broker agencies. To access their listing, please click here:


3.- What are the requirements to import a vehicle to Honduras?

The importer must present:

  1. National taxation registry number (RTN).
  2. Bill of lading.
  3. Original commercial invoice.
  4. Property title of the vehicle.

Depending on the type of vehicle the following requirements apply:

  1. In case of a sedan vehicle it must have been manufactured at most 10 years ago.
    Example: Toyota, Corolla 1999: Allowed to import
    Toyota, Corolla 1998: Not allowed to import
  2. In case of buses, pick up trucks they must have been manufactured at most 13 years ago.
    Example: Ford, Ranger 1996: Allowed to import
    Ford, Ranger 1995: Not allowed to import
  3. In case of ambulances and fire trucks they must have been manufactured at most 13 years ago.
    Example: Medtex Ambulance car 1996: Allowed to import
    Medtex Ambulance car 1995: Not allowed to import

Note: The best recommendation is to contact a customs agency.



4.- How can I learn about Honduran export promotion policies?

You can contact FIDE, the Honduran Investment and Trade Development Foundation http://www.hondurasinfo.hn/en_02.asp.

You can also contact the Department of Trade and Promotion of the Honduran Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The weblink is: http://www.sic.gob.hn/Promo/pagina/index.htm

Both institutions can provide assistance for current and future exporters through different programs. Some of these programs are:

5.- How can I learn more about export and import procedures of Honduras?

The Honduran Customs Office that implements regulations for imports and exports is the Dirección Ejecutiva de Ingresos (DEI).  The DEI’s website is:   http://www.dei.gob.hn/.

In the case of agricultural and food products, the regulating agency for food safety is Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria de Honduras (SENASA). 
SENASA’s website is: http://www.senasa-sag.gob.hn/

In this website you can find:

  • Applicable Law
  • Import Permit Forms
  • Export Permit Forms
  • International phytosanitary export certificate
  • Animal health export certificate
  • Use and Control of Pesticides import permit
  • Quarantine import permit

To find more information about importing from and exporting to Honduras please visit: www.hondurassiexporta.hn/home.php


6.- Where can I find information about the process of investing and doing business in Honduras?

To find information about business climate, opportunities for your business or general information on the benefits of investing in Honduras, please visit: http://www.invertirenhonduras.hn/default_en.asp.

In this website you can also find an INVESTMENT GUIDE HONDURAS.

You can also find related information at www.hondurasinfo.hn, the Honduran Investment and Trade Development Foundation.

7.- Where can I obtain information about light manufacturing companies in Honduras?

The Light Manufacturers Association in Honduras is the “Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores” (AHM). Their website is: http://www.ahm-honduras.com/.

For inquiries, the point of contact at the AHM are:

Joseet Ordóñez V.| Marketing and Advertising Chief
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Tel.: (504) 556 5526

Astrid Vanessa Barnica | Customer Service Official
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Tel.: (504) 556 5526.


8.- Where can I find more information related to economics, trade and investment in Honduras?

There are various sources of information on these topics, such as government agencies, private sector associations as well as regional and broader international organizations. The following links may be of interest:


Secretaría de Finanzas
(Ministry of Finance)

Secretaría de Industria y Comercio

(Ministry of Industry and Commerce)

Banco Central de Honduras
(Honduran Central Bank)

Dirección Ejecutiva de Ingresos
(Income Revenue and Customs Directorate)

Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería
(Ministry of Agriculture)

Cuenta del Desafío del Milenio
(Honduras Millennium Challenge Account)


Fundación para la Inversión y el Desarrollo de las Exportaciones
(Foundation for Investment and Export Development)

PRIVATE SECTOR National Associations

Consejo Hondureño de la Empresa Privada
(Honduran Private Sector Council)

Federación  de Cámaras de Comercio e Industrias de Honduras
(Federation of Honduran Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

Asociación Nacional de Industriales
(National Association of Industrialists)

Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores
(Honduran Light Manufacturers Association)

Cámara de Comercio Hondureño-Americana
(Honduran-American Chamber of Commerce)

PRIVATE SECTOR Regional Chambers of Commerce

Cámara de Comercio e Industrias de Cortés
(Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cortés)

Cámara de Comercio e Industrias de Tegucigalpa
(Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa)


Secretaría de Integración Económica Centroamericana (SIECA)
Central American Economic Integration Secretariat

Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
(Inter-American Development Bank)

Banco Mundial
(World Bank)
Visit Site

Fondo Monetario Internacional
(International Monetary Fund)

Organización de Estados Americanos
(Organization of American States)



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